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Saucha Yoga Wear Refresher Mist Spray (Lavender Bliss)

Saucha Yoga Wear Refresher Mist Spray (Lavender Bliss)

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SMALL AND PORTABLE | Our 2oz bottle is just right for your gym bag. locker room. fanny pack. or saddle bag. Keep one handy any place sweat and body odor are concerns. ACTIVE DEODORIZER FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE | The scent of the gym is not something you want on you all day. Saucha refresher spray absorbs and removes the unwanted odors from fabric. SAFE FOR ACTIVE WEAR | Our clear formula is safe for all colorsafe fabrics. It won't damage the natural elasticity of athletic shoes. yoga mats. spandex. jogging bras. or other high performance athletic apparel. LAVENDER SCENTED | Saucha doesn't mask odors with an overpowering perfume. and it won't bother people who are sensitive to artificial aromatics. It just binds to the unwanted smells in your gym bag and neutralizes them. SIMPLE SPRAY MECHANISM | There's no waste or added chemical propellants. Simply spray directly on the garments or shoes you wish to deodorize

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